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How To Setup A VPN: A Complete Guide

Check out this post now to learn detailed instructions on how to setup a VPN on your device, no matter whether it’s a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android device.

byShane Clement -May 25, 2023

Best Free VPN For Android: Top 05+ Best Options

Are you looking for the best free VPN for Android? If so, this post is for you. Check out our list of trustworthy free VPN services from reputable VPN providers now!

byShane Clement -May 18, 2023

How To Empty Trash On Android

Want to know how to empty trash on Android phones and tablets? Here are different methods to empty your Android device’s trash; let's take a look now.

byShane Clement -May 08, 2023

How To Turn On Vizio TV Without Remote Control

You can’t find your Vizio TV remote; the remote’s battery runs out of charge; or it is simply not working? Are you wondering how to turn on Vizio TV without remote?

byShane Clement -April 05, 2023

How to pair wireless earbuds to phones (Android and iPhone)

You are not sure how to connect your wireless earbuds to iPhone or Android devices via Bluetooth?

byShane Clement -January 20, 2023

How to Take a Screenshot on Android

Taking a screenshot is an easy way to share or save important information. This article will show you how to take a screenshot on different versions of Android .

byJeff Rawes -January 16, 2023

How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone and Android

If you have an iPhone or an Android, you can let another device connect to the network without entering a password. Here's how to share WiFi password on iPhone and Android. It's simple, and you don't need a third-party app to do it.

byTom McCaffery -January 15, 2023

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone, iMessage, Android

Sometimes the right number goes unanswered and texts are ignored. You can't know if they blocked your number unless you ask, but there are signs. Here are different ways to know if someone blocked your number on iPhone, iMessage, and Android.

byEdward Beighton -January 14, 2023