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Instagram Sign-Up: How To Create An Instagram Account

Creating a new Instagram account is the very first step to joining this vibrant platform. Here are the instructions for the Instagram sign-up process.

bySam Cowell -July 07, 2023

Instagram Sign-In: How To Log Into An Instagram Account

Logging into your Instagram account helps you engage with this vibrant platform. To check out what is going on around you, Instagram sign-in is a must.

bySam Cowell -July 06, 2023

How To Delete An Instagram Account Permanently (2023)

Deleting your Instagram presence is simple. This article will show you how to delete an Instagram account on the web and through the app. Let's check it out now!

byTim Brodsky -July 01, 2023

Instagram Sign Out: How To Log Out Of An Instagram Account

Instagram users often sign out of their devices to maintain their privacy. Here is how to log out of an Instagram account.

bySam Cowell -June 21, 2023

How To See Liked Posts On Instagram

So, how to see liked posts on Instagram? Below are the detailed instructions for viewing what videos and photos you have liked on this social networking platform.

byPhil Dorman -June 03, 2023

How To Block Someone On Instagram

You want to block someone on Instagram so they can’t find your profile or send you DMs? Here are instructions on how to block an account on the platform; let's see!

byTim Brodsky -May 30, 2023

Instagram Sign In Problems: How To Fix

If you have trouble signing into your Instagram account, don’t worry. Here are some fixes for the Instagram sign in problems.

byTim Brodsky -May 28, 2023

How To Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

You may want to deactivate your account on Instagram for some reasons. Here is how to temporarily disable your Instagram account.

byTim Brodsky -May 25, 2023