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Twitter Sign In

You can sign into multiple Twitter accounts at once and switch between them easily. However, this requires you to get an extension. Here is a step-by-step guide.

byMatt Chilton -February 16, 2023

Twitter Sign Out

When you're done using Twitter, you need to sign out of your account to ensure your privacy and security. Here is how to sign out of Twitter on different platforms.

byMatt Chilton -February 16, 2023

Twitter App

The Twitter app is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can get it from the Play Store or App Store and stay up to date with what's trending now on your mobile devices.

byMatt Chilton -February 16, 2023

Twitter: Everything You Need To Know

Twitter was launched in 2006 by Twitter, Inc. as a social networking service in which users can share posts that contain texts, videos, or images known as tweets.

byMatt Chilton -February 11, 2023

How to Delete Your Twitter Account

If you want to leave Twitter behind, you can permanently delete your account. This option is only available for on the web. Twitter doesn't provide any method for deleting an account via the mobile app.

byTim Brodsky -February 10, 2023

How to Add a Twitter Profile Header Photo

Your header photo is the large image that will display at the top of your Twitter profile. It helps brands and businesses enhance their identity and market their products. This article shows you how to add or change your header image on Twitter.

byTim Brodsky -February 10, 2023

How to Post Photos or GIFs on Twitter

Besides normal text tweets and links, you can also post photos or GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format images). Follow these steps to post a photo or a GIF on Twitter.

byTim Brodsky -February 10, 2023

How To Change Your Twitter Username

Your username is your identity on Twitter. It's unique and different from your name. Your Twitter username appears in your profile URL and is used for logging in, replying, and directing messages.

byTim Brodsky -February 10, 2023